Justin Timberlake Montana Experience at MoPop

For the launch of the Holodome at the Museum of Pop, Vulcan Productions called on VALIS to create a music experience. The resulting collaboration with Justin Timberlake for his song “Montana” has the effect of stepping into a music video. VALIS Studio and MPC, in partnership with Paul Allen’s Vulcan Productions, created a unique immersive experience featuring Justin Timberlake for Vulcan Inc's Holodome at MoPOP. Director Peter Martin and VALIS Studio worked with Oscar-winning VFX house MPC to build this groundbreaking immersive experience for the Vulcan Inc. Holodome, creating a super high-resolution 9.2K 360 video captured on the Lytro Immerge “lightfield” camera, featuring spatial audio from ECCO VR. Brian partnered with Peter Martin on creative for the experience as well as producing the trailer, branding, still images, gifs and all marketing materials.